Policies for sector coupling and enhanced flexibility

Type: Research & Development


  • Analyze the policy mix, political feasibility and effects of energy transition policies across Europe
  • Appraise the economic, social, and environmental consequences of these policies for decarbonizing the Swiss energy system
  • Identify the factors leading to greater or lesser public acceptance of alternative policy approaches

Expected outcomes:

  • Identify policy mixes addressing specific barriers to change
  • Identify the distribution of economic and social outcomes associated with different policy instruments and mixes
  • Informed citizen panels identify politically feasible policy options

Duration: 1 May 2022 – 30 April 2026 (48months)

Leader: Prof. Anthony Patt (ETH Zurich)


Prof. Tobias Brosch (UNIGE)
Prof. Volker Hoffmann (ETH Zurich)
Jochen Markard (ZHAW)
Prof. Stefan Pfenninger (TU Delft)
Prof. Evelina Trutnevyte (UNIGE)

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