Business opportunities and innovation strategies

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Type: Research & Development


Volker Hoffmann (ETH Zurich)
Lucas Miehé
(ETH Zurich)
Jochen Markard (ZHAW)


  • Systematically map potential disruptions and business interests
  • Identify coordination challenges and strategies to address them
  • Develop new insights and tools to support strategic decision-making at the firm level

Expected outcomes:

  • System level: disruptions, business interests, and response strategies to cross-sector disruption
  • Value chain level: value chain linkages, value chain processes, and innovation processes
  • Firm level: technology overviews, innovation strategies, and business models and decision-making tools

Duration: 1 May 2021 – 30 April 2026 (60 months)


Arnau Alina (ETH Zurich)
Christine Gschwendner (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Volker Hoffmann (ETH Zurich)
George Mavromatidis (ETH Zurich)
Johannes Meuer (ETH Zurich)
Leticia Müller (ZHAW)
Siobhan Powell (ETH Zurich)
Benedikt Probst (ETH Zurich)
Paula Thimet (ETH Zurich)
Malte Toetzke (ETH Zurich)

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