Business opportunities and innovation strategies

Type: Research & Development


  • Systematically map potential disruptions and business interests
  • Identify coordination challenges and strategies to address them
  • Develop new insights and tools to support strategic decision-making at the firm level

Expected outcomes:

  • System level: disruptions, business interests, and response strategies to cross-sector disruption
  • Value chain level: value chain linkages, value chain processes, and innovation processes
  • Firm level: technology overviews, innovation strategies, and business models and decision-making tools

Duration: 1 May 2021 – 30 April 2026 (60 months)


Christof Knoeri (ETH Zurich)
Jochen Markard (ZHAW)


Prof. Volker Hoffmann
Johannes Meuer
Benedikt Probst
Malte Toetzke

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