About the project

In line with the vision of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions we imagine an efficient, flexible, resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable Swiss energy system by 2050. Within this future, our main goal is to develop and analyze transition pathways for renewable energy integration in Switzerland.

Our objectives are:

1. Improving performance 

Identify synergies and trade-offs between efficiency, resilience, cost-competitiveness, and sustainability of the Swiss energy system.

2. Enabling flexibility

Assess flexibility options across various sectors and along various spatiotemporal scales to integrate renewable energy.

3. Fostering sector coupling

Evaluate technologies, business models, innovation strategies, policies and end-user acceptance for sector coupling.

Our expected outcomes are:

1. Feasible pathways

Pathways for the energy transition at international, national to city and district scales that enhance flexibility and sector coupling.

2. Planning and operation tools

Tools for planning and operation of distributed flexibility in multi-energy systems.

3. Pilot and demonstration projects

Pilot and demonstration projects of different flexibility market designs for existing and new technologies.

4. Identifying new business opportunities and innovation strategies

New business opportunities and innovation strategies to exploit novel flexibility and sector coupling options.

5. Analysis of potential policies

An analysis of potential policies for the energy transition and decarbonization of the Swiss energy system.

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