Technology and model development

Type: Research & Development


Methodology development
  • Develop and implement a generalized composable method for the decentralized control of coupled energy networks
  • Develop multi-period flexibility envelope methodology for online control of districts
Technology development
  • High-capacity seasonal thermal storage technologies
  • Advanced thermal management of Power-to-X
  • Assessment of Carnot Batteries for the Swiss context
Model development
  • H2/O2 to H2/air hydrogen and thermal energy storage
  • Sector coupling technologies, borehole thermal energy storage
  • Development of systemic flexibility aware technology models
Experimental validation on
  • EPFL Smart Grid campus infrastructure
  • Empa ehub, NEST and move platforms
  • PSI ESI demonstrator

Expected outcomes:

  • Technology model quantify an energy systems’ capability for a flexible operation

Duration: 1 May 2021 – 30 April 2025 (48 months)


Philipp Herr (Empa)
Massimo Fiorentini (Empa)


Reto Balz (PSI)
Felix Büchi (PSI)
Thomas Gloor (PSI)
Rahul Gupta (EPFL)
Reto Fricker (Empa)
Peter Jansohn (PSI)
Esther Linder (HSLU)
Kristina Orehounig (Empa)
Prof. Mario Paolone (EPFL)
Christian Peter (PSI)
Philipp Roos (HSLU)
Philipp Schütz (HSLU)
Sascha Stoller (Empa)
Marcel Troxler (HSLU)
Willy Villasmil (HSLU)

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